How to: Import Contacts/Companies/Opportunities

You can mass import opportunities with companies, opportunties with contacts or a list of companies/contacts to Spiro by visiting 

Data Import Checklist

1. Make sure all column headers match the sample files

All files must be in the same exact format as the import files on our website. Column headers, column order and even capitalization must remain the same as the import file in order for the import to work. 

2. Make sure you have appropriate data values in your spreadsheet

When loading email addresses, make sure the format is valid (no special characters that don't belong and no spaces after the email address). When loading amounts, make sure that you are using a regular number format. 

3. Make sure you fill in required fields

Required fields for opportunities with companies is "Company Name" 

Required fields for opportunities with contacts and list of companies/contacts is "First Name" and "Last Name"

4. Make sure your file is in a CSV format

Choose "Save As" when saving your file, and make sure the format is '.csv' (not .xls or .xlsx)





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