How Do I Use Spiro's Email Assistant?

Wouldn't it be nice to forward or BCC/CC emails to Spiro and have it automatically create opportunities, contacts or companies and set reminders for you? 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are forwarding the email to your assistant FROM the prospect, not from yourself


When you receive an email FROM a prospect, forward it to and use any of the following commands in the body of the email:

1. To Create Opportunities in Spiro: 

  • add opportunity
  • add new opportunity
  • create new opportunity
  • add new deal 

You can also just forward the email from a prospect without a command! Spiro will automatically create an opportunity, contact and company. 

2. To Create Contacts in Spiro: 

  • add contact
  • create contact
  • add new contact
  • new contact
  • create new contact
  • add him/her
  • add this contact

3. To set Reminders in Spiro: 

  • create reminder
  • remind me to XXXXX on 5/7/2017
  • remind me to XXXXX next week
  • remind me to XXXXX tomorrow
  • remind me to XXXXX this Friday
  • remind me to XXXXX next Monday 

You can set additional fields in the body of the email to specify set values for an opportunity:

  • opportunity name:
  • amount:
  • close date:
  • description: 


Email and type any of the following questions in to the body of the email and send:

1. To see a summary of your activity for yourself or your team:

  • What did I do last week?
  • What did I do yesterday? 
  • What have I done in the last 7 days? 
  • What did I do in the last 7 days?
  • What did I do on 7/20/2017?
  • What did Andrew do last week? 
  • What did Andrew do yesterday?
  • What did Andrew do on 7/20/2017?

2. To see a summary of what's going on with an opportunity: 

  • What's going on with Staples? 


When you send an email to a prospect you can BCC or CC Your Assistant will create a company, contact and opportunity for you. 

*This feature only works when you have one email recipient*


The Email Assistant works Salesforce users! Use the commands above to create opportunities and contacts and set reminders. 


When you forward, BCC or CC emails to your Assistant, Spiro will search your contacts for the prospects email address/domain and will not create a new company or contact if one already exists in Spiro. 

The email assistant will soon be adding more features! Please email if you have suggestions. 


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