Can I sync Spiro with Salesforce?

How to sync Spiro with Salesforce:

If you want to use Spiro on top of Salesforce, all you have to do is log in with Salesforce. Spiro will automatically handle all syncing between the two systems.

If you sign up for Spiro with your corporate email first and would like to connect to Salesforce you can do so under "Settings" > "Integration Options".  

Will Spiro work with your edition of Salesforce?

Spiro works with all editions of Salesforce that utilize the standard Opportunity object. 

Spiro is a certified ISV partner of Salesforce, and has passed the Salesforce Security Review. This means that Spiro can connect with any edition of Salesforce, regardless of API access (unless your admin has specifically blocked external applications). 

Because Spiro works off of the out of the box opportunity object, if your process does not involve opportunities then you might not be able to use Spiro effectively.

If you are having trouble connecting to Salesforce you may be using a custom domain. Check out this article that explains how to get connected. 


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