Why is Exchange telling me Incorrect Username/Password?


If you're using Exchange and you are absolutely sure you are typing your password in correctly - then the error might be with your username.

The first field Spiro is asking for (the username) is often just your email address - but sometimes it isn't - this all depends on how your IT administrator set up Outlook. 

If you are confused on what your Exchange username is, try the portion of your email before the @ sign. If you use a domain, it's possible that you need to include your domain/username in the field. 

If you're still having issues - reach out to someone on your IT help desk to help you resolve your username issues. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Google/Office 365

You should probably just reset your username or password, since you definitely don't know it :) Spiro is using Google and Office 365's SDK's to authenticate, so the process is exactly the same as if you were logging into Gmail or Outlook.com on the web.

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