Can I Mass Import Opportunities or Contacts into Spiro?

You can mass import opportunities with companies, opportunities with contacts or a list of companies/contacts by visiting 




Import your opportunities with contacts if you sell to individual consumers (IE Retail, Automotive Sales, Event Planners, Personal Financial Advisors etc). Import your opportunities with companies if you sell to corporate entities where you have to deal with a billing department (IE Software, Professional Services, Manufacturing etc).

Import files can be found at 

Import file requirements:

  • File must be in CSV format
  • File must have the same column headers as the template files 
  • Format of the columns in your import file must match the format of the template files

Required Fields: 

  • Opportunities with companies is "Company Name"
  • Opportunities with contacts and list of companies/contacts is "First Name" and "Last Name"  

Worried about duplicates?

Spiro will search your contacts for the email address/domain and will not create a new company or contact if one already exists in Spiro. 

If you have questions please contact



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