How do I use Spiro's Personal Sales Assistant?

An effective way to use Spiro is by using the built-in Personal Sales Assistant. The Assistant will remind you to follow up with the right people at the right time, encourage you to confirm your meetings and keep your opportunities up to date.

To access the Personal Sales Assistant, click on the Assistant icon in the left navigation bar on the web:


Spiro's Personal Sales Assistant only works with the Opportunities you create in Spiro. By creating an Opportunity, you’re telling Spiro that you are trying to close a deal with this specific person and in turn Spiro will make proactive recommendations to you based on opportunity activity to be sure nothing is falling through the cracks. 

Your Assistant will also show you reminders you have set for that day. 

Some other recommendations you will see from your Assistant:

Confirm Meetings: 

Use Spiro's preloaded template to quickly send out an email to confirm calendar events


New Deal Alert:

Based on email activity, your Assistant will ask if you want a contact and opportunity created



Update Close Dates:

It is important to keep opportunities up to date! If a close date is in the past, Spiro will ask you to update the close date



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