What if I'm having trouble logging into Spiro via Salesforce?

If you are having trouble logging into Spiro via Salesforce, it could be one of a couple issues. There are a lot of factors that can come into play here - so if you are not sure which one applies, please email support@spiro.ai or contact your Salesforce Admin. 

Your company uses a Custom Domain

If your company uses a custom Salesforce domain (when you go to log in on your desktop, you go to https://spirohq.salesforce.com instead of https://login.salesforce.com), you will still be able to use Spiro. Underneath the normal sign in options, press the link that says "Log in with custom domain".

Type your company name into the text box that appears - if done correctly you should be able to input your credentials as normal. 




If you use SSO to sign in to Salesforce, you will still be able to use Spiro. Please follow the same instructions as listed above (logging in with a custom domain). On the Login page, type in your SSO credentials - it should log you in.

API Issues

What this means is that your Salesforce is set up in such a way that it can't talk to external applications or you have hit your limit with such integrations.

Please talk to your administrator about the possibility of opening up the API so that you can use Spiro. If you'd like to connect someone in your IT department with someone at Spiro, please feel free to email us at support@spiro.ai

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