Custom Activites

Customizing activities will allow your team to quickly log interactions with prospects and customers with just a few clicks and allow management to generate reports on activity data. 
Your default activities are:
As an Admin, you can customize activities for your team under Settings > Activities in Spiro.
Click the pencil to the right of the activity to update or choose New Activity Type to add to the list. 
Adding a new activity type: 
Create a name for the activity, subject (what your team will see in the list when they log an activity) and add default text for what happened in the body of the activity. You can use the merge field <ContactName> so Spiro automatically fills in the name for the contact the activity is associated with. 
Be sure to choose the correct result for your activities to indicate if the activity means you connected or didn't connect with a contact. Choosing “Connected" indicates you successfully interacted with a contact, which helps Spiro learn for future recommendations.


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