Customizing sales stages for your team

Sales stages help you and your team identify the status of an opportunity and allow you to have better insight in to your pipeline. 

As an Admin you can customize your team's sales stages under Settings > Sales Stages

Hover over a sales stage to edit or delete. To add a new sales stage, click the + sign. Be sure to choose if each stage should be Open (opportunity that is being actively worked on), Won (you successfully closed the deal) or Lost (the deal fell through). 

To re order sales stages, hover over the stage your would like move and drag and drop so the stages are in the correct order. 


IMPORTANT: If you change an existing sales stage, opportunities with the prior sales stage will not automatically update to the new stage. You will be able to manually update these values to the new stage by finding the opportunities using the Open, Won or Lost filter on the Opportunity page. 

As and Admin you can also:

Customize reminders

Create custom fields

Understand user roles

Customize activities

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