How To: Create and Manage Reminders (Mobile)

Setting Reminders in Spiro is very important so you can keep track of your next steps and close more opportunties. Your Assistant will send you push notifications and emails to remind you to follow up. (You can enable this in Settings on your mobile.) You can also view and complete your daily reminders from the Assistant tab in Spiro. 

Creating Reminders:

Navigate to the Search tab in your mobile app and search for the contact you would like to set the reminder for. Drill in to the contact to view the contact details and choose the Remind Me icon.

From here you can put in notes and set the date you would like your Assistant to remind you to follow up. 

For time sensitive reminders, please select the "Remind Me" box which will allow you to select a specific time rather than just a date. Your Assistant will notify you 15 minutes before the time you set via email and a push notification.


Viewing Reminders:

On the mobile app, you can access your daily reminders from the Assistant tab. 

Completing and Updating Reminders:

Drill in to a reminder to view contact and opportunity information.

A list of actions will also appear so you can quickly call, email, update reminder date and time or log activity.  

Once a Reminder has been completed by one of the actions above, it will transfer from your list of reminders to associated timeline (log of past interactions). 

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