How To: Log Activity (Web)

When logging activity in Spiro, we recommend you do this at the Contact level. Next to each Contact in Spiro you will always see four actions; Send Email, Set Reminder, Log Activity, and Web Search.

Logging activity on your Opportunities in Spiro is very important to help keep track of the Opportunities you are managing as well as working to maximize the Recommendations provided by your Spiro Assistant.


Email: This action will pull up your email templates in Spiro for fast and easy outbound emails.



Reminders: This action will set up notifications to follow up with Contacts in Spiro. Reminders will populate in your Sales Assistant on the date they are due. When you mark a Reminder "Done", it will populate on the Timeline.



Log Activity: This action will allow you to log several types of activity for Outbound correspondence: Left voicemail, Didn't connect, Spoke on the phone, Met in person, Sent e-mail. When you log activity, you will always be be prompted to set a Reminder to follow-up with the next step in your sales process. 



Web Search: This action allows you to do a Google Search to help gather information about the Contact. The Search will pop up in a separate tag and automatically search for the Contact's name & company.


All the Activity you log to a Contact will populate the Timeline and Reminders for every Opportunity and Company associated to that Contact.



But what if you do not have a Contact yet for an Opportunity and you want to add notes or attachments? Don't worry, we have you covered!

If you scroll down to the Timeline on any Contact, Company or Opportunity you have the option to "Add Note" or "Add Attachments".






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