How To: Create Filters in Spiro

Within Spiro users now have the ability to build  and save custom filters. Filters allow you to create different views within the Companies, Contacts and Opportunities tabs located in the Spiro Toolbar.
If your sales team is using Spiro we recommend building a filter to see the Companies, Contacts and Opportunities that they own. If your team collaborates on Opportunities, you can also set filters to show Opportunities for your colleagues.
Creating a Filter
Below is an example of how to build and save a filter showing all of the Opportunities you own. You can use this guide to build and save additional filters within Opportunities, Contacts and Companies.
To build a filter, start in the Opportunities tab located within the toolbar. 
-Select “Add Filter”
-From the “Choose Column” list select “Owner”
-From the next pick list select “is equal to”
-And then from the final pick list select your name or any of your colleagues using Spiro
After you build a filter, please select “Apply” and then “Save” for the filter. This will save your custom filter in the drop down list for easy access in the future!
As you may have noticed from the column pick lists, filters can be used in many different ways. If you would ever like to learn more about what you can accomplish with the filters, please reach out to one of our Product Specialists.
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