Apply Filters to Contacts, Companies and Opportunities

Apply filters to the contact, companies and opportunities tabs in Spiro to find the information you are looking for. You can save filters and even export data to a spreadsheet. 
Creating a Filter
1. Navigate to your companies, contacts or opportunities tab
2. Choose "+ Add Filter" 
3. Pick the field you would like to filter and apply your filter. You can use multiple filters with "And" and "Or" statements
4. After you build your filter, select “Apply” and then “Save”. This will save your custom filter in the drop down list for easy access in the future! You can save multiple filters. 

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    Mike McKie

    I am determined to become a proficient administrator. Limited only to the imagination combined with Zapier drag and drop application programmers interface. Fantastic tool for field mapping for a nontechnical person. I am going to need your help. -Mike